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  1. Idea Smithy, I really respect your frankness in dealing with people who don’t deserve you as a person. This is the problem with us, humans and we cannot be happy rather suck out energy from fellow travelers. I feel that I will not be able to understand people. They are so complex and bringing negativity. I am totally done with the ones who stoop low, Btw, I wrote a post last Monday which was inspired by your earlier post on relationships. Keep inspiring.

    1. @vishalbheeroo: Hi! I read that post as soon as I saw the trackback to my post. Only, I read it on my phone while on the road so I couldn’t leave a comment. ‘Seeker’ is a good idea to go through with, in living. It is a lonesome journey true, but sometimes I think we forget that alone doesn’t have to be lonely. All the best to you and keep learning, keep sharing, keep leading!