If you were born in another era, who would you be? What would your personality be like? Your values? How would you survive that world? What role would you play?

I think about this often, now. It makes me feel very grateful to be born in the time I was because at every other time in history, women have had it much worse. Education, communication, respect, dignity – these have been harder battles for women to take on.

It also makes me think of what if I had not been a woman. I cannot imagine that because so much of my personality & my choices have been shaped by the struggles of my sex. If I did not have to face those, I’d be someone unrecognisable, anybody else at all, with no connection to the person I’ve become in this body, era and life.

I think I would be hungry for learning & new ideas, no matter what world I lived in. It would be more important to me than social currency. It would be so much harder to be a woman any other time, valuing things only allowed to men and caring not at all for the things I was supposed to cherish. I’m so glad to live through the age of information, to get to be a part of the navigation of connection & communication, to be able to build community, impact people, spearhead learning with minimal obstruction in account of my sex.

Who would I be with this same drive? A renegade, a healer, a witch, a holy woman, a schemer, a teacher, a revolutionary, a scientist depending on which culture I found myself in. I might be an absent parent or a stage mother if child bearing were a necessary condition for my survival. I could be a hermit with a Machiavellian backstory in a world of war.

The values of dignity, of compassion, of higher learning, of growth & healing would always lead me. The examination of numbers & words & sights would motivate me. Balance, rhythm & harmony would soothe me. Kindness would touch me and in me, compound. The presence of plants, of water bodies, of conversations of learning would be where I found home. These are the timeless me.

What is the timeless YOU?

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