My Not-Quite Valentine

I know it’s not February but I’m silly that way
You know this already, my part-time boyfriend
Almost lover
Friend with such delightful benefits

Just as I know you dislike labels so I torment you with a few hundred more
Weekend soul mate
Weeknight playmate
Standby date, always on call for an SMS or two

It’s a game you tell me; ‘A power game’ I disagree
Me on top
Or directing from below
Till we mock-wrestle and fall into wry, helpless laughter

This may be a game with no rules but it has its code of conduct
Very proper in our hedonistic pursuit
Single-minded in our pleasure
Of one mind that is, both yours and mine being ours

Such clever ways we find to pretend we’re not playing
That far more dangerous game
Of emotional hide-and-seek
And that’s why, dear nameless one in my arms, you be my not-quite Valentine.

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