Lies, Lies, Lies

Small lies, white lies,
Untruths, fabrications,
Great deceptions
Easy, familiar words
Or even none at all

They must weigh something
The truth as heavy as it is, just won’t compare
For that lie stands,
seemingly a smokescreen
But really a solid wall
Built on the crumbling foundation of your face

It sinks
Ever so slowly
Down from your eyes, into your throat
Weighs each of your words with its burdensome self
And that transparent, solid wall between us grows
Thicker, stronger, taller

And inside you,
It’s growing
Till you’re crumpling in front of my eyes
And all I can do is watch,
And think,
The truth would have been so much easier.

8 thoughts on “Lies, Lies, Lies

  1. I like the use of the words “would have been”, in a way truth is always easier in retrospect, and lies, the easier way out when it comes to present. Can we we turn the tables?,
    food for thought: Is it fun to live present in retrospect

    1. @Rambler: Fair point and as always, you make me think in a completely different direction. I don’t know about the fun of living in retrospect but I don’t feel like I often have a choice.

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