Back To School

I started teaching an undergraduate course at a college that is allied with the one from where I graduated. I have taken exams in this very building. I’ve also represented another alma mater years later in a college festival and performed on the stage of this one. Now, I take the same road, stop at ... Read More

Unequal Affections

A famous couplet by W.H. Auden goes, If equal affection cannot be, let the more loving be me. I thought it was desperately romantic but also insightful. Even in the most compatible of relationships, there is a certain inequality. Of power, of responsibility, of initiative and yes, even of love. At any point of time, ... Read More


Piano, sweet piano singing melodies that make even words with bad associations seem soothing. The power to alter sensations left by memory is given to a few. Fewer still that do it with gentleness rather than force.

Fabulous, Not Single?

I miss being fabulously single. I’ve been it for so long, it has become a part of my identity. A huge, glamorous, proud-of-it, reveling-in-it part which is the one thing that conflicts with being in a relationship. A good relationship is wonderful in a number of ways. But it still involves a lot of adapting ... Read More

The Feminist Hangover

I feel let down. I put my foot right into my mouth justifying why women want to watch Sex And The City 2 despite the first movie having been such an epic disaster. The second one wasn’t just bad, it was mortifying! I’m tempted to suspect that the second movie was secretly scripted by men ... Read More

Everyone Wants To Get Into My Wallet!

Late one night as I was driving down the city, I looked up at a huge billboard of Sushmita Sen, an advertisement for Kiah jewellery, which said, You are the occasion You are the celebration I told him, I really love that ad! He smiled and said, You would. It celebrates you, after all. ~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~ ... Read More


In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king In the middle of the desert, the cactus is manna But a sadist among masochists, is God. Or the Devil. Or both. Hurt me! Heal me! Kill me! Spare me! Nail me! Resurrect me! It’s pain and religion they need. The world is perfect.