It’s Either Forgive or Forget

Forgiveness, that elusive quality, is so not like forgetfulness.

To truly forgive would mean being able to face the truth of what has been done to you and accept it for the rightest thing that could have happened and move on.

Barring that of course, for us less worthy mortals, there is forgetfulness which is a form of escapism. It’s whereΒ one can pretend that the person one hasn’t forgiven has been slain and buried. And they are a whole new person with a future one looks forward to knowing. The past and it’s memories must die for the present and it’s future to be born.

And for the really unforgettable wounds, there’s that shiny, hard coat on one’s emotions. First we call it glazing, with eyes turning glassy-hard, then words coagulating into artificial sugar-hard sweetness and finally the heart freezing into diamond-hard indifference.

The shining is all for you, dear love, dear friend. In honour of relationships so deep that every emotion, even betrayal must be honoured, even if only by quenchless pain.

Masaccio in Bracacci Chapel. Image from Artchive

7 thoughts on “It’s Either Forgive or Forget

  1. You would come up with a post tomorrow –

    ‘April fool you fellas! Forgive or Forget – both are the same, muahahahhah!!’ 😈

    To the risk of sounding poignant…think abt this –

    ‘Give and Forgive’, ‘Get and Forget’ – do you see something in those phrases? ❗

  2. Keep going down this path and you are on your way to fully
    understanding what indifference is all about. Here’s something to whet your
    appetite. Are you projecting your indifference or are you applying it to
    yourself? There’s a lot more down that road…

  3. I am trying to put into words, a rather obsure concept. So forgive me if this comes out rather fragmented..

    Forgiveness is a kind of unconditional acceptance as you have suggested, certainly.

    But forgiving a person can also give rise to feelngs of self-importance.
    “See what a noble person I am, I have forgiven him!”.

    It is a very subtle form of ego.

    Here is where forgetting beomes important. You sublimate your ego
    by even forgetting the act of forgiving!

    Do I make any sense! 😳

    Probably not!


    Rada’s last blog post..The Dance of Shiva

  4. @ Kiran: As you can see, I didn’t. Sometimes we are serious. :mrgreen:

    @ Ashish: Awp. That doesn’t sit well with the more spiritual sorts.

    @ Sumit: Ah, the twists and turns of this indifference! πŸ˜‰

    @ Extempore: I don’t think there is. And welcome to the Idea-smithy!

    @ rambler, Rada: I think both of you have hit the nail on the head..with different hammers (if that makes any sense!) Great comments, both of you and thanks for sharing those thoughts!

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