My Ideas And I Often Talk To Each Other

This, she thought to herself, is uncomfortable. Bloody uncomfortable.

Like being pregnant and not able to deliver.

Or like being married to Prince Charming and not being able to make love to him.


Those lines might have been really good but sounded trashy. Only because…because…she gave up.

I have writer’s block even before I’ve become a writer!!!

…she spoke to an empty house, immediately feeling a little sillier. No one in real life did that soliloquy-thing. People in books did things like that. The kind of books she wanted to write.


She resigned herself to more silent soliloquy.

What’s the trouble?

The trouble is really that I’m afraid of what I’ll end up writing if I do write.

When did you start to get so self-conscious?

When the attention began, that’s when.


Oh shut up.

Ah well, she surmised, why does it need to be perfect in the first draft itself. In fact, why does it need to be perfect at all?

Because you’ll never be in peace unless it is.

Well okay. But not the first draft. After all, only God makes creations perfect in the first attempt. And even he messes up sometimes.

And suddenly, despite the overused, tired phrase…..she smiled to herself in the darkness.

You and me, baby, haven’t been really alone for a long time. Missed me?

…she told her keyboard. And meant every word of it.

3 thoughts on “My Ideas And I Often Talk To Each Other

  1. hmm.. am still old-fashioned… my keyboard… my most passionate writings have been on pen and paper… ofcourse every time i do that it seems to get harder due to lack of practice… but am still not able to use the keyboard that way… may be i should try the console with no other distractions…(actually have tried it b4).. just need to get a good sample size of it… instead of the now text editor and other windows..

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