Ganga Vihar Udupi restaurant Matunga Mumbai

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  1. Sorry for mistaking your gender, Ms Idea-Smithy. My mistake and I apologize for it. But anywaz, you should feel privileged that someone has gone through your musings, and taken the time to comment on it, twice, in this sea of millions of similar boring blogs floating around. Now my take:

    1. If you were looking for a brightly-lit lunch home, you should have walked out the minute you saw this relatively isolated place. You never mentioned the word, ‘dingy’, you just said it was deserted.
    2. I assume you to be a Mumbaikar lady, relatively emancipated.. so walking inside a bar, in broad daylight, is no big deal surely, especially, when there were no gun-toting goons, dancers or shady filmy characters around.
    3. You first described how you eliminated the food item katoris one by one, how a waiter was ready to fight because you felt that the payasam was watery etc.. In my dictionary, such food is rotgut, and however famous the eating joint, you started the criticism, not me.
    4. If you term honest criticism as ‘rabid’, I can but pity you. Honest criticism will help you improve your writing and observational skills, while desultory praise will merely make you wallow in your mistaken notions of success.

    Since you find my responses as rabid, I do hope you are upto date with your anti-rabies shots.. 🙂


  2. A nice title (not many would know about the Australian bush song: Waltzing Matilda nowadays), followed by an incredibly boring write-up. I think that you are a male? And if so, the interjection: YIIIKKKKES is very strange. What was so bad about the bar, if it was clean, empty and had a menu? If price was the issue, then no problems. And why should they spike your water with anything? Even beer costs money!! What makes you think the reader will be interested in the rot gut food you ate in that godforsaken Udipi joint? I am really and truly surprised as to why you chose to write about it all!!

    Post-script: I have been to Udupi (the original), Karnataka, several times, from where this hoopla about Udupi food started. You might be surprised to know that Udupites are not quite aware of Udupi food, and even if they are, they do not appreciate the trash being dished out all over India in the name of Udupi food.

    1. @phantomlover: Since we’re being rabid, how about we talk about your flawed assumption of my gender? I’m a woman. Now go back and read the post in that context. Maybe the weirdness of being in a dingy, unoccupied, out-of-the-way bar, especially when one is looking for a crowded, brightly-lit gender-secular lunch house might come to you.

      And what’s with the venom about ‘rot gut food you ate in that godforsaken Udipi joint’? Have you even been to the restaurant in question? It’s one of the best known eating places in the area. Perhaps you’re not appreciative of the cuisine but that doesn’t mean other people aren’t.

      Post-script: I refer you to such things as Chopsuey Dosa & Shezwan sauce which have never been heard of in the places associated with them but are heartily enjoyed by people elsewhere.

      Post-post-script: I suggest you look at your own baseless assumptions and rabid comment before passing judgement on a blogpost.

  3. If you’re looking for ‘fusion’ udipi food like idli burger and pav bhaji dosa, I’d recommend Shree Sunders’ just outside Matunga central stn … Appetizing, eh? 🙂

  4. @ sqrlnt: Mumbai used to be pretty.

    @ Amey: I don’t know. Why would anyone go to a beer bar in Matunga?

    @ Philip: The same place I get the nice (read boring) ones from. 😈

    @ maxdavinci, neha, Cynic: Muhahahahaha :mrgreen:

    @ Adithya: Thengyu for the tip-off. Will visit and blog/tweet as instructed, saar!

    @ RukmaniRam: No kidding! Same place?

    @ Renovatio: Perhaps. I’m not too sure where Magnet is.

    @ Monsoon: Thank you! And welcome to The Idea-smithy!

  5. I’m glad I spent a few minutes reading this… For reasons that cannot be understood and neither can be explained. But thanks 🙂

    Monsoons last blog post..Lost

  6. “This used to be a vegetarian restaurant?”
    “No, this is a bar. Our veg restaurant is across the road.”

    That happened to me too! (although, thankfully, I did not sit down in there!)

    RukmaniRams last blog post..Gander in danger

  7. Nice lunch!

    Wait, Matunga you say? Have you been to Maha Bhoj? I hope it’s still there. You HAVE to go there. It is proper meals, maami mess style! And the curd and buttermilk! If I remember correctly, it comes little bit further from Welingkar Institute of Management on the opposite side. It’s been five years, I don’t remember exactly. But if you know Giri Trading Center in Matunga, just keep going forward and the road turns left. It comes on the right. Tiny place. Please go and have full meals! Blog about it or tweet your thoughts! :p

    Adithyas last blog post..Come a Full Circle

  8. whatay description. its just unfair!
    11 in the morning here and i’malready thinking of lunch.
    hard to visualize my boring salad/sandwich as a thaali

  9. I am so glad I read this while eating my lunch 🙂 (Else, I would have felt hungry too)

    You’ve never tried sambar with chapati? I will eat chapatis with anything that has a gravy or is semi-liquid 🙂 But not semiya payasam 😮

  10. Yo had to talk about shrikhand-puri and masale bath and then give a loving description of thaali. There are some unfortunate souls who don’t get to eat thaali 🙁

    In that spirit, why would anyone spike water with beer? Aren’t there stronger options available? 😀

  11. you;re in matunga W?! I spent all my life in Dadar and Matunga W.. let me know if you need any pointers for restaurants…yeah, and that kataria marg used to be really a small lane way back in the its horrible traffic.but i still miss it 🙁