A lot of people who don’t know who they are. Does this mean I know who I am? No. I shy away from identity labels because they don’t fit me, they don’t sit right. I make the decision to let go of the validation & security they offer while I’m on this quest to discover who I am.

It is lonely. Our journeys are our own (and I do not mean the collective ‘our’). It is scary because what if we discover that we are not who we wish? What happens when we have to face the ways we are different from the perfection we see outside us? Maybe people who are angry have hit on this and are still hurting because the outside seems perfect unlike the inside. There is no anger when one feels at home in one self. In one’s body, one’s clothes, one’s home & family, one’s profession & life choices and one’s emotions.

Some people are consumed by hatred. They are angry, vengeful, vindictive, violent. These are normal human reactions but when they describe a person more often than the words peaceful, nurturing, healing, joyful, something has gone wrong. When rage defines you, every action, every word, every association, every minute is tainted with hatred of the world. It shows.

Because the quest for self makes you shed all armour (which is what rage, guilt, hatred & fear are). But it also holds you in the light of love and peace. Some days that love is scorching and is vain or thoughtless. But nighttime come around and the light is gentle and soothing and a reminder of slights that must be forgiven or apologised for and healed. Love must drive us all.

Moonlight is a good reminder of the things that can be seen and the things that can be imagined or remembered. And our power to choose between these. Or both. You are not what you choose. You are who chooses.


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