Games I Play

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I don’t lie
I just make the truth a little less easy to find
Hide-and-seek is best played between two people

If I am found
I don’t run
This is not tag and I don’t mix games

I find tag mind-numbing
Hunting is quite different from chasing
I stake out, I stalk and I pounce

Sometimes I run
But I don’t race
I’m a runner, for the whim, not for competition

I don’t like giving up a game mid-way
I never really forfeit
It is just a prelude to a bigger game

I play my best to win
But I really want to lose or draw
Because when I win, the game is over for good

I play games
I play by rules that I make
I play hard; I play fair

A person who breaks the rules
will learn to follow them
The game won’t end until they do

9 thoughts on “Games I Play

  1. one plays in certain realms outta choice, it would seem ; one assumes one knows the rules.the rules keep evolving with the game too…or rather one’s perception of the within games…and in certain or mebbe, all realms, the game is more about discovering the rules…just a pov…nice post…

  2. you have to keep running faster and faster to stay at the same spot like alice and the red queen in ‘through the looking glass’…the rules are really skewed and undecipherable…

  3. If you play by the rules you make.. you will obviously play fair. If you can’t, you make a rule that makes it fair?
    If a person breaks the rules.. whose rules are they breaking, yours.. or thiers?

  4. “i”, our perceptions of it, a critical participant in the process, also keeps evolving….so many variables…a moving dynamic, hardly static…

  5. i have stopped caring about the win or loss. its the fight of life i enjoy cos when the fight is over,i die and then does the outcome matter really
    (hey u inspired philo from me too!!)–>

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