people at the train station

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  1. @ St: We value some of those things too. But perhaps we interpret them differently.

    @ Brad: St and I know each other offline but we don’t talk much. We was just wondering why. Now shhh..!

  2. Just coz’ we are being exposed to some dialogue over here between you and St, I feel inclined to chip in a, ‘Eh?’

  3. I don’t plot the future; I just see an alternate one. Now, have I wondered why you don’t flirt with me. May be I did put a comment to that effect.

  4. @ N: Am! Thenk yew…

    @ Pensive: We dunnoz…but we wuz glad the thing was off the train!

    @ Brad: Hmph…plotting our death, are you? And then you wonder why we don’t flirt with you…

  5. Damn, I always knew I could see the future(ii)! Imagine had you tinkered with those bags, and one of them did turn out to be what you had in mind, and also put in my call in this mix exactly 5 seconds later. Now picture the message- ‘User is dead. Please don’t call back.’ Wow!

    PS: future(i) is what actually happens. future(ii) is what could have also happened.

  6. Geez. Something like that can spook the living daylights outta most of us. But, how the hell can a cop just pick it up and walk off with it? I mean, dont you need a bomb-disposal unit or something like that?