Remembering Rehab Chougle

She blogged. She tweeted. That’s how I know her.

She liked reading. She liked sharing. Many XXFactored links came from her.

She was still a girl. She was almost a woman. She was both. And she was discovering her ideas about womanhood & relationships.

She had ambitions like everyone else. But she also had questions, that not many of her peers did.

She was smart. But you could always count on her quirky side. Dressing up in superhero costumes cut of of newspapers. Painting Mumbai’s walls with pretty & crazy messages. Posing in a funny hat.

On the Twitter wall that we all painted together & left our statuses, she painted,

“@RehabC is not a clinic.”

Rehab Chougle passed away this morning. An African proverb goes, ‘A man is not dead until he is forgotten.’ Rehab, you live on in the thousands of lovely memories that you created with us.

11 thoughts on “Remembering Rehab Chougle

  1. If u’d know her well enough.. you’d also know that Rehab C never liked her full name from being published.. especially without her permission. I know you mean to pay condolence but I just find this as a gross violations about the few things she was very particular about. This serves as no purpose but to get some online traffic. If only you knew her well enough…


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