Midas In Reverse

He insisted,

I tell you I have the Midas touch!

She said,

I believe you. Only you are Midas in reverse.
You only touch that which is already gold.

He laughed. She did too.

She didn’t tell him she was thinking

Midas turned life into cold metal.
But you could bring gold back to life.

12 thoughts on “Midas In Reverse

  1. @ Wiseling, Someonearbit, Sherriff, Perspective Inc.: Thenk yew!

    @ Sadim: She in my story, doesn’t think about whether it is a boon or a curse. She just knows what she sees, what he thinks and what really is.

    @ Vi: Just perceptive perhaps? Or a hopeless romantic, more likely.

  2. @ Shreyasi: That’s idealistic, isn’t it? Even hopeless romantics have to face reality sometime.

    @ Sakshi: There aren’t any Midases in real life. Reverse or otherwise.

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