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  1. @Suddenly Truth: I’ll address just one thing in your comment since I think that’s the only thing that merits conversation (all other things being things you want to say but not necessarily discuss).

    You asked – “Why can’t women live a similar life? Who gives a shit as to what society thinks or as to what people say… How does it at all make a real difference in anything?”

    Here’s my answer – I run the risk of physical injury, even death by the moral police if I indulge in what they see as ‘loose behaviour’. The friends that you have even as you have your arrangement with prostitutes? I am not assured the same nonchalence/total acceptance from even the people closest to me. Since my late 20s I’ve faced a subtle ostracism from various factions in my social group simply because I’m single. The workplace has punished me for having an unconventional attitude even while supporting & indulging my male counterparts who do the same. Never mind what’ll happen to all of this if I were to shake the bars a little too loudly for everyone’s comfort. Even service providers treat me with disrespect and like I’m public property when they don’t see a man around.

    As a man, you can toe the line and achieve complete social acceptance. Or you can differ and receive limited social indifference. You can be a hero or a nobody depending on what you choose.

    As a woman, I can toe the line and be permitted to have an education, a career and a family. Or I can break rules and receive condemnation, ostracization and lifelong damnation even I choose to come back to toeing the line. I can either buckle and survive or differ and have my life destroyed for me.

    Do you really believe that we’re at par?

  2. The real solution is to stop caring, and to refuse to participate in the pathetic, monotonous dramas that dating and relationships are. Take my life for example. I am strapping young gentleman who is successful, and I choose to engage the services of beautiful prostitutes for sex. For friendship I have a few good, male, friends. A dog or a child would also be viable, entertaining & safe company. And I am having a hell of a good time and I sleep just fine with a clear conscience.

    Why can’t women live a similar lifestyle? Who gives a shit as to what society thinks or as to what people say… How does it at all make a real difference in anything? The answer may just be that it’s women who are the real predators. It’s always the women who go on and on about wanting to “settle down” a.k.a grab a guy by his balls and stifle him. The bank accounts and freedom to screw other women are the first to go in these evil cases of entrapment.

    Since you mentioned social conditioning it’s also true that world-over most women have the mindsets of vampires. Women always want to trade up, while most men just want a hot piece of ass to be honest. Treating men like walking ATMs… If it isn’t the money, it’s always something to do with the freedom and individuality of the man. It’s satanic! This whole idea of coupledom and merging a distinct, thinking man into a “relationship” where he is subdued (“responsible”) is evil and unnatural. The behavior of such women is not dissimilar to parasites looking for a host to infect.