Love And Longing In Mumbai

Meet me in my dreams
Because that’s the only place I’ll let you exist
Tell me anything you like, your silliest moments, your heartfelt desires
I’ll do my best to make them true
And we’ll live through fantasy

The next morning, when I wake up in my world
And you in yours
Don’t try to hold on to me
Or even feign recognition when you see me
Because I won’t reciprocate

I can be anything you want me to be
All but the one you meet behind closed eyes
Wings are reserved for private flights of fantasy only
Goodnight, stranger.
Hello, fantasy.

9 thoughts on “Love And Longing In Mumbai

  1. And if ever you have to break up,
    Do break up with me in my sleep,
    For then, if ever, when I get up,
    I just shall remember you as one sweet dream.

  2. Idea- You and Brad should try writing poetry together. I think that would turn up awesome pieces.

    Brad- No words to describe your last lines. Its that good.

  3. @ Brad: There is a reason we are A.E.s

    @ PensiveLawyer: Hugz for the tears, love, didn’t mean to make you cry.

    @ Pragni: We do, actually. Each time I write a poem I feel very ‘pat-me-on-the-back’ proud of, he comes by and casually tops it off by a comment-poem of his own!

    @ Manuscrypts: Fourplay? Intriguing…on my way!

    @ rax1: Sometimes poetry is more beautiful than real life.

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