The What-If Store

I find myself thinking of you
Well, not so much
I only think of you when I’m dissatisfied with how my life has gone

It’s fun to fantasize
Not it all,
Selective recollection’s a wonder
In my memories, you and I are pristine, even golden

Your charm, your wit, your smile, your essence,
You, us,
Your rightness,
Even your wrong,
Is right because you’re in the past

Every woman needs a what-if man
She says,
Looking back,
It’s comparison shopping
But also just window-shopping, I sigh

I shrug, shake my head and smile
That moment,
Knowing though,
The what-if store is always open

7 thoughts on “The What-If Store

  1. To me what-if store are more like the peddlers, showing big promise, making us pay big, turning us into addicts to make sure we come back to them.
    No wonder, that I have a “what if-not:” store right across πŸ™‚

  2. The what-if store is what is responsible for half of the blog-world’s musings ..aint it? πŸ™‚


    Yes, the what-if store is always open and dont think it has a lock and a key that can still be used.

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