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  1. “I don’t understand ‘good friends with the ex-’”

    It can be difficult, especially in the “soon after”. But I personally, like to stay in touch with those who I’ve deeply cared about in the past, seems sad to me not to – I love to laugh about stuff with my “ghosts” (as I call ’em) – because every experience in my life has been a learning experience at the very least, so never been bad. I think, if I am able to let go completely, only then can the healing begin.

    However all of the above is just my personal opinion, I understand it’s not the same for all people & I’m not saying one way is better than the other.

  2. That happens. But sometimes you have been the wronged one, the one slighted, humiliated, hurt, cheated and left bereft. But you still try to be “friends” with the ex. Just because your scab has just been scrapped off, and you are fresh and ready to be hurt again. To take more pain.

    Only this time you are practical enough to say, “I dont love you anymore. I am over you. We can be friends though, good friends infact, weren’t we best friends before being lovers…”

    It IS a term lost in translation. Best lost in translation..

  3. I can tell u abt the “good freinds with the ex” bit- U realise u had made a mistake- the person is not wat u had thought- but the misjudgement was urs- if he is a cad and u had been myopic abt tht- but later realised tht and decided to call it quits- then the bitterness of a breakup ceases to exist- u can forgive the person for being wat he is …and u can be friends with accepting him the way he is….this has been my personal experience