Ask for what you need. Don’t beg for it. Don’t demand it. Don’t rush it. Don’t force it.

Ask for what you need because it is an exercise in knowing yourself, facing your many imperfections & other ways you connect with the world. You must acknowledge these before you can build rich connections with life. Only questions have answers and only you can correctly frame the question of what you need.

Ask. Don’t scream, don’t whisper. Find your voice that comes out clear, that articulates what you need with dignity. Ask yourself what that sounds like. Keep asking till you hear it. Then the world will hear it too.

Ask for what you need. Don’t assume people can read your mind. Don’t assume they will give it to you either. Ask after you’ve determined whether the other person is capable of giving or not. Ask when you are absolutely sure that there is a question in your asking. All questions allow for all answers.

Ask like it is your right and when you know that it is, even in the face of opposition. Some people don’t know how to say no & instead they say you don’t get to ask. Ask when you can carry the fact that you may not be given & still have the courage left to ask.

Ask for what you need. Learn how to do this before you carry negotiation into asking. State your need. Not how it is to be fulfilled, when or by who. Let the world do its part in connecting with you.

Ask for what you need when you also have the space to receive other things. Expectations, transactions, advice & other things. When you solicit, nothing is unsolicited anymore.

Ask when you have the ability to say that’s not good enough for me and to walk away.


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2 thoughts on “A Big Ask”
    1. I have had to say that to some people around me. I think we owe it to ourselves to be clear about what we need, even before owing it to other people. Being unclear in this, makes our thinking muddied and really poisons our relationships.

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