I decided to give the limerick format a run. I didn’t follow the syllable count rules. Trying to say something in 5 lines, make them rhyme and be funny was a challenge enough. I think they turned out pretty horrible, as it is.

The painful thing about being Tamil
Is how we deal with being mammal
Our calcium needs
Are eclipsed by our feeds
The Horlicks-hump could rival a camel

When the girl’s years turn to twenty
The parental worries grow aplenty
Degrees, pay checks to barter
For fairness, cooking & being a martyr
Shaadidom is serious; don’t get sent

Manisha’s Sunday mood
Is morbid and crude
Funerals, sharks, hai hai
Season her Suleimani chai
Rhyming Durrel with Tamizh is just rude.

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