Let’s get the show on the road!!

BAA : Today I had my first crush

Us: Your first ever?

BAA (who has a new car): Yeah…I’ve been careful with the car all month

Us: Oh..crash, not crush

BAA: Yes, this guy came by and I sort of swung out. It wasn’t really his fault. *Pout pout*

Us: Awww

BAA: And dad screamed at me

Us: But you didn’t scream at the guy?

BAA: No, it wasn’t his fault

Us: Since when were road accidents anyone’s fault?


BAA: You know we can claim the driver’s salary…?

SNC: Under conveyance allowance?

BAA: So I thought NB could sign for my receipts and I could sign his!

SNC: Great, so this is the new corporate saying, “You drive mine, I drive yours?”

SFOS: Can I claim a driver’s salary for my bike?

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