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  1. ” But perhaps in these uncomfortable exchanges, there is a little bit we teach each other – how to be gentle and firm at the same time, how to stand for ourselves and for each other both in one.”
    I agree with this – too often we have people who are all-out MCPs or Feminists and the only thing we get from them is a huge argument which doesn’t change issues. But it’s the people in between who are open to dialogue, and are open to start understanding how each other thinks (even if they end up agreeing to disagree) who in the end generate the most change.
    anna @ Deeply Shallow
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  2. Thank you for the post.

    I’d mentioned I had a question to ask, but I realized that the blogpost was self explanatory so I shall refrain. I must say that the deep seated resentment that you’d mentioned is something I have struggled with and bitten my tongue on a few times before. I still do not work how the system works and how to work against the system to make your point/stand relevant.

    I’d promised myself that I’d make myself understand the words ‘feminism’ and ‘racism’ and what they meant, this year; if only for the sake of being politically correct and understanding the frequent outrages that occur on Twitter and otherwise..So this is another blog to the rescue.


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