I Wear: The Promise of Flowers

I want to believe that flowers bring me luck, good luck only. I want to enjoy wearing white jeans and not be thought tacky. I want to revel in the bright colours of summer without having to worry about heat stroke. Here’s all my summer desires captured in apparel and on camera.

Those jeans! White with brilliant blue colour splashes of flowers. And my crochetted pendant of course.

Reversing the code of nature, I top it with green (for the stalks of course).

Here’s bidding goodbye to summer and hoping the monsoon will turn all that promise into reality.

I Wear:

  • Pale green tee-shirt: Pantaloons, Rs.399
  • White jeans with blue flower print: Zara, Rs.4000
  • Grey moccasins: Enroute ~Rs.700
  • Crochetted pendant on turquoise chain: Self-made
  • Straw handbag

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