In keeping with the video bug that’s bitten me, here’s another I Wear post.Β Aditya Bidikar shot this video tooΒ . We’d met for lunch earlier and I got a haircut (same one, crisper finish) at Mad O’Wot. I also ran into the indomitable Sapna Bhavnani there working on a very important head with a couple of her other stylists. When I was leaving, she quipped, “The two of you are wearing the same shade ofΒ lip colour!” and lifted her hands off to display the very important client’s face. Guess who that turned out to be? A certain Ms.Kapoor nee Khan. πŸ˜€

We shot a video of my look, in the bylanes of Bandra. I’m not sure what I’m going to do for future posts, now that Adi’s gone back. But being able to talk and show what I’m talking about, in addition to writing, is really fun. So expect more videos and tell me what you think of this, in the comments.

My second look this monsoon:

I Wear:

  • Pale pink tank top: ONLY
  • Denim miniskirt: Push & Shove
  • Orange soled transparent rainboots: Paean
  • KyaniteΒ necklace & rose quartz bracelet: Magick, Bandra
  • Lipstick: Winged, Faces Canada
  • Blue eyeliner: Persian Blue, Faces Canada gel pencil
  • Haircut: Mad O’Wot, Bandra

* This videoΒ was shot by Aditya Bidikar.
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