The weather makes all the difference. Humidity is terrible for natural fabrics and for hair and skin. Synthetic fabrics aren’t very classy and they tend to make you sweat like a pig. And after everything, if you manage to find a fabric balance, the dust just adds a sheen of sepia onto everyone’s faces. Still, we try.
This is what I wore on a non rainy but threatening-to-rain Monday. I intended to step out early and catch a spot of shopping in Bandra. But the Andheri traffic and a madly complicated station intervened and I only managed to get upto Khar. I turned out to be too early for the Tuning Fork poetry event so Gautam and I stepped out onto the street to capture the general ambience around when it wasn’t muddy and drippy.

I Wear:

  • Navy blue linen shrug: Cotton World
  • Pale pink polyester top with blue piping: ONLY
  • Navy blue trousers: Cotton World
  • Olive green boots: Pavers
  • Blue stone necklace: Magick
  • Lipstick: Winged 07 by Faces Canada

* This video was shot in parts by GautamIf you enjoyed this style post in video, check out the other I Wear posts.

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