I Wear: Hipster In Progress

‘Hipster’ is a term I see thrown about in the Western pop-culture sources that I frequent. I’m yet to fully understand the meaning of this, especially in the Indian context so let’s just say my perceptions are evolving. From what I see, hipster isn’t a complimentary term. On the other hand, that’s probably just one viewpoint. Hippies were thought to beΒ unsavoryΒ in the 70s but I’m pretty sure I’d have been a hippie had I been around then.

Hipster sounds to me, like a millennium-plus version of hippie and that’s not just because of the first three letters. Counter-culture? Rebellious? Intelligent but too cool to prove it? Ironic in a way that few people get? Fusion that clashes and complements all in one? Here’s my interpretation. The weather was cool enough to co-operate (read grey, skin-dulling and cold).

hipster collage 3

Going by this infographic, my look is probably closest to 2004 but the scarf seems to put me closer to 2007. What do you think?

I Wear:Smiles

  • Blue and white tartan sweater: Athens flea market
  • White workshirt: Allen Solly
  • Black skinny trousers: Mango
  • Ladybird print neckscarf: Linking Road, Bandra
  • Zebra print canvas shoes: Lifestyle
  • Abstract brooch/scarf pin: Alfa, Irla market
  • Greek key earring: Athens flea market
  • Postbox red lipstick: Maybelline

* Also spotted on Divadom. Photographs shot by Adnan.

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