My weekend began on a wonderful note. Any day that has Reema in it is wonderful anyway. And then a visit to the India Culture Lab usually provokes a lot of delicious ideas. To top it all off, I met not one but three fabulous women, all of whom knew me. The event was on ‘Fashion & Feminism’.

The evening brought up so many intense ideas that I decided to put them on both my blogs. So do trot over to XX Factor to see why I think fashion and feminism are linked. And then come back here to see what I wore.

I Wear:

  • Leopard print peephole top: Lokhandwala boutique
  • Flared jeans: Jabong
  • Snakeskin boots: Clark’s
  • Pink lipstick: Faces Canada

I also had a chance to run into the wonderful Neha Ramneek Kapoor and we struck an instant connection. Here she is in I Wear‘s first ever interview video.

* The first video was shot by Reema Prasanna and the second by Shaunak DeIf you enjoyed this style post in video, check out the other I Wear posts and videos.

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    1. @ideafan: Probably not. I wouldn’t want every single item of my look to scream. The focus was the top with a colour pop via the lipstick. Everything else was counterfoil.

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