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  1. Thank you Ramya for your response! I’ve ordered ‘oh put it on’ already and taking a cue from your point about Sugar Cosmetics, ordered their Drop Dead Red!
    Thank you once again 🙂
    Will keep reading the Blog.

  2. Hi Sandali and welcome to this blog! I love Faces, especially their Ultima Pro collection. In fact that was my favourite lip colour brand before I found Nyx. All the lipsticks I’ve shown in the blogpost are under Rs.1000 so if you liked Kitten Heels and feel upto going liquid lip, you could try that.
    Nyx also has another range called Suede Cream which is not quite liquid lipstick. Its applicator is identical but the colour itself is more like a cream. It also works as a nice training format before you go into the high risk area of liquid lip colour. The Suede Cream collection has some really great safer colours ranging from pinks to reds to browns. Monte Carlo is a deep red (a little darker than Kitten Heels) while Amsterdam is a more orangey-red. Those also retail at less than Rs.1000.
    I have also been hearing some great things about Sugar cosmetics but I haven’t had a chance to try them yet. Do let me know what you go with! I’d love to talk lip colour with a fellow lover!
    -Ramya a.k.a. IdeaSmith

  3. These are some of the most beautiful bold lipsticks I have ever seen on an Indian woman! Must say you carry them with some elan, going by the pictures.I accidentally stumbled upon this blog while searching for bold lipsticks and I am glad. I have never ever seen an Indian woman wear a blue lipstick and looking cool like that. More power to you Ramya and your fascination for bold lipsticks! 🙂 I am definitely buying ‘oh put it on’ right away and thank you for this blog piece. Also, since we’re talking lipsticks, would you know the best red lipstick under 1000 bucks ( my current favorite is passion 03 from faces ultimate pro just to give you an idea! )
    🙂 Thanks