Apparently Andheri was hit by one of the biggest cyber attacks in the state ever, last week. I don’t yet know if that’s what it was but my connection was down for nearly 2 days. I decided to go to a Starbucks and work from there. It wasn’t raining when I left so I thought I’d also get in a walk before or after. Unfortunately it started raining soon after and didn’t cease all through the evening, meh.

The internet at Starbucks was also sssssslow and wouldn’t connect my computer till nearly a half hour later, by which time I was crying in frustration (and ended up being grumpy to Reema :-(). Luckily, it was followed by a sunnier week so my mood returned to normal. And if it had not, I’d just have had to do with bright colours to keep my mood propped up. Here’s what I wore:

I Wear:

  • Blue-and-white floral peasant top: Cotton World
  • Yellow Hoodie: CouCou
  • Jeggings: AND
  • Sneakers: Adidas
  • Lipstick: Pretty Please no.79 by ColorBar
  • Eye makeup: Aqua Blue gel pencil by Faces Canada

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2 thoughts on “I Wear: Hipster Worker”
  1. Hey Ramya, slow connection is such a bane…I swear when we have work to do. The video is not working now. I am feeling lazy to work in the morning and just had a second cuppa coffee. Have a bright day:)

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