My Top 3 Everything

I saw this on Twitter and decided to ask Instagram because my peeps there are more responsive. Even so, I was surprised by the questions that came in. And really touched that I was asked. Thinking about my answers helped me pry loose the heaviness that has lain on my mind and consequently, my writing ... Read More

I Wear: Pencil, Pen, Paintbrush

I’ve rediscovered colour in my personal style. I’ve always loved bright colours and my wardrobe of reds, electrics, neons and the like reflects that. But perhaps cowed by my environment that tells me that my skin is an ugly colour and should be hidden if at all, instead of highlighted (“It makes you look so ... Read More

I Wear: How I Began Winter

Winter has left Mumbai and I’ve neglected to put up these pictures. So here goes a quicks-quick before it gets too hot to upload winter wear pictures. πŸ™‚ It was just beginning on cool. I was due at a Caferati read-meet. In my experience, most people in Mumbai like running their fans on full blast, ... Read More