I Wear: A Watery Diwali

Mermaid Diwali

Fiery persona notwithstanding, my Cancerian side shows up every once in awhile. Red is usually my go to colour but occasionally I like to dip into the aqua palatte. Diwali with all its fire and noise and mayhem, made me want to retreat to the comfort of blue, purple and silver. Here’s what I wore to the Diwali dinner.

I Wear:

  • Blue silk kurta: FabIndia
  • Purple cotton silk chuddidaar: FabIndia
  • Blue and purple silk dupatta: FabIndia
  • Silver clutch: Esbeda
  • Turquoise sandals: Lemon
  • Silver flower accessory: Ornament off an old diya, worn as a pendant

It was a peaceful Diwali.

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