An affair to forget

He liked her, far more than he wanted to,
And for reasons he didn’t want to think about, much less discuss
She, as always, dragged kicking and screaming in…
Enjoying the experience, quite reluctant to admit

Oddly enough, it was memorable
For a short while
Till they encountered the return to near-normalcy
Sarcasm to cover up that which defied explanation
Flippancy to shroud fear
Back to business, life as usual.

They went their separate ways
Into sweet, poisonous lies disguised as confession
And acidic truths masquerading as satire

For a while they shot arrows at each other
Of chilling indifference,
Of macabre over-attention,
And searing affection for others

And finally they rested
She lay, wasted in her mortal remains,
Satiated with pain…always so heady, it gave her a hangover
While he mused, stoic as ever,
Life must be a woman…evil bitch.

10 thoughts on “An affair to forget

  1. Ideasmith never stops exotic story telling…does she?
    I love the life in her!

    Also, affairs with unworthy ones are best forgotten, kept alive in Art inspired by Life and nothing much beyond

  2. @ Precious: Absolutely. What cannot be cured, must be endured. Why not give it garnish and make it enjoyable?

    @ Ashish: LOL!

    @ Hyde: 😉 See reply to Precious above.

    @ Sense: Remember our conversation on Sherlock Holmes?

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