Barbie vs Oppenheimer

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  1. Quite apt when you say “Does having a woman director negate the millions of girls who have lived their lives with severe body image issues and continue paying for it?”
    Both directors, characters and movies are Hollywood at their best- trying to create its own version of reality with the ultimate aim of profit above all else.

    Well written!

    1. @Kunal: Thank you for reading and for the comment. I’m not sure that this rant was enough to dissuade anyone from watching the movies. Maybe people are smarter than I thought but don’t care.

  2. Agreed to most of your observations about the whole branding and marketing overload around these movies and also the toxicity of fandoms.

    Also this post has some amazing sentences. This one in particular stood out
    “Every plastic atom of this doll reeks of monetary greed” but I have a suggestion, how about “Every plastic molecule of this doll reeks of monetary greed”

    “…. molecule …… monetary …..” feel like the sentence has balanced wings. Also technically correct as plastic is a compound and hence molecules