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  1. Words that spoke to me

    • Discarding identities the minute they become chains?

    • It's debatable whether you've ever been dear to me

    At one point I was actually questioning God, why am I not being born in Delhi, because the person I love so dearly is born in Delhi and it made sense that I would die of Asthma if I am born in Delhi, so immensely happy with my place of birth Karimnagar now!

    • Dear or not, you'll always be important in my question of where I am from

    • Mumbai will always win. It is my annadaata


    • Mumbai's got no time for legacy & history, having so little of its own

    • Storytelling is a business in Mumbai. Culture is monetized, not cultivated

    • Standing one's ground is both Delhi and Mumbai. Doing so with dignity, pride & peace-let this be just me

    • My live would be full of rage and sword play

    The best part about this love letter to Delhi is that it is filled with mixed emotions like a rainbow, that makes this letter even more beautiful!

    1. @Harshaman: Don’t you feel identity boxes of region, language, gender and other things start to feel like cages after sometime? We are a very rigid society about letting people evolve out of those boxes or even just change their minds.

      Pollution levels are anybody’s guess now with increasing awareness about climate change. Mumbai currently feels even more polluted than Delhi (which I know is not saying much). There may be hope as yet.

      And yes, my feelings for Delhi don’t fit into a tidy binary of love or hate. There are parts of both, which I think we feel for our own selves as well. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this, H!