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  1. @ DC: Fantasy is the mind’s route to escapism? 🙂

    @ Ginger Girl: And so what? We live in the present imperfect.

    @ Rambler: Did!

    @ S: Great minds think alike, lady!

  2. Sometimes and a lot of times, you put words to so many things I felt and thought and am like “whoa! This is exactly…”

  3. :)..lovely. Guess the filter mechanism for the past is to make at least something worthwhile in our present ….
    O.K. That was mighty cynical…. but sometimes its true

  4. Everything in retrospect is sweeter, the irritation is somehow deleted, the destination to somewhere might have been fabulous, but we forget how arduous the journey was. Its the memory’s way of keeping the sanity I would say. Why be burdened with such things?