A well-wisher tells me,

At least find that company with someone who’s honest with you.

My reply,

Honesty. All the honesty I get is “I’m not in love with you but I’d love to sleep with you.”

Doesn’t this bug the hell out of you?

I hate it.

Then why do you put yourself through this??

What do I say to that? That I’d rather have the truth than mind-games? That I don’t believe that the motive changes either way but forewarned is definitely forearmed. And that I don’t really believe any of them really care about me, the person – or ever will. I’ve had enough of serenades. The truth doesn’t sound as good but at least it is…the truth.

11 thoughts on “All You Get From Love Is A Love Song”
  1. Even at the risk of being accused of flippancy, I have to comment. πŸ™‚

    IS, if all they want to do is to sleep with you, the reason could be either of the following:-

    a. You are oozing sex appeal from every pore, in which case you cannot blame the hapless male, hard-wired as they are in a certain manner which centuries of evolution have not been able to change.

    b. You are attracting the wrong kind of guys.

    If (a) is the reason, well, it’s a nice problem to have.
    If (b) is the reason, well, I would advise you not to lose hope and keep searching. Visualise someone with all the positive qualities you want in a guy and he will happen! πŸ˜€

    Radas last blog post..Uptightji

  2. So if it is so obvious what they want, there are no mind-games, right? It’s like going to play cricket and complaining that nobody explains the rules to you every time πŸ˜‰

    Philips last blog post..Grass Trouble

  3. The cycle goes on something like this:

    I know that you’re lying but I don’t want to scare you by acknowledging it. So I end up telling a lie, or at least posing, to be precise.

    You know that your lie is obvious enough to be easily sussed and yet you choose not to get surprised when I pose that I had not seen through your lie.

    Both accept each other; the cycle is complete; things move on.

    A great poet has actually said this:

    “The snail is on the thorn
    And God at heaven
    The world moves on.”

    Um…I don’t know if I’ve rightly quoted Browning, but then I’m quite near.



  4. @ Cynic: “The burden of low expectations..” Hmm, that bears thinking about.

    @ Neha: Oh, welcome! And, thank you!

    @ Rada: a) is not a nice problem to have when that’s ALL they see in me. b) is the reason XXFactor exists. I’m fed up with hoping for the best. πŸ™„

    @ Philip: No, it’s like settling for a game of cricket because that’s all anyone has to offer. Nobody has heard of other sports or even other activities.

    @ Apoorva: πŸ˜›

    @ A.N.Nanda: That’s like something out of R.D.Laing’s ‘Knots’. Have you read it?

  5. Love your avatar woman! And about the post, I, if you only knew how well I identify with it. πŸ˜€
    But dammit, it still makes my day to think that a time will come when someone will actually care about the person. ❗

  6. If you’re meeting the wrong kind of men, what have you changed about yourself that makes you meet different kinds of men? Different men = maybe there’ll be one that’ll meet your expectations.

    The world is bigger than the general area you live in no? Try battling the traffic a little more often πŸ™‚

  7. @ Rakhi: πŸ™‚ Am replying to this comment after awhile so I’m guessing its one of my past avatars that you’re referring to. But thengyu. And yeah, we live in eternal hope of the impossible.

    @ Anon Y.Mouse: I figure I’ll have to change (lower) my expectations and no man is worth that. So I’d rather stay single than settle for someone less. And yeah, no man is worth the Mumbai traffic either. Give me solitude in the suburbs anyday if it comes to that.

    @ NN: Ah, true. Except there’s no romance in the situations I’ve mentioned.

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