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  1. @ Alazyguy: I’m flattered you took the time to investigate. You refer to Julius Ceaser, I believe? He gave his name to the month of my birth but I think he was born on the 4th.

    @ Valhalla: 🙂 Crap….

  2. Oh no! they’re coming to get me! The sirens are closer.. no.. wait.. oh crap! the damn alarm, maybe I can snooze again, the world can’t see me when my eyes are closed.
    Oh well, I can’t miss the meeting again.
    Trivial thoughts are all that course through my brain in the desolate tracts of semi-wakefulness. Wrapping my mind around the depth of your writings is beguiling even mid-day!

  3. Got the link. Sorry for being early.

    Did you know that a very famous Roman emperor was also born on the same day? I just remembered only the crab.

  4. Sorry, there was a link somewhere related to your birthday. And I assummed it was now. I seem to now longer find that link too.

    Yes, introspection is not an infrequent state of mind for you, I have no doubts about it since I do visit your blog quite often.

  5. @ sense, illyria, rambler, Rachna: Thank you very much, I feel really good about your comments to this particular post!

    @ Alazyguy: I think introspective is a permanent state with me. And it isn’t my birthday right now.

    @ Ranjan: See my comment above. But thank you anyway 🙂 I think I’ll give myself a day off from the world this year!

  6. “Will you treasure the child you have been? And protect him like you would your own, cherish her as you do those younger than yourself?”
    loved this…

  7. Just a thought – does it have to do something of you becoming a year wiser? Another year gone through – introspection?