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  1. Since then this workshop has been my favourite haunt and also a plce I take others too…Two great women friends have already been subjected to it…
    And I rem the conversation over cremosas that evening I caught you catching this 🙂

  2. nice post 🙂

    But from inside information, she’s more of a bully boss than most men. You’ll rarely see a man boss physically throw people out of office on a regular basis, or stop 2am meeting for half hours for a “jogger break” 🙂

    Personally, i’m very against her style of programming, and you should be too. Not because its trash, but because it makes people believe, and maybe subconciously internalise and accept as right, many of the ideas and morals that she presents, some of which are dead against what you preach.

    oh yea, and we’ve met 🙂

  3. @ Alazyguy: Time to pat yourself on the back actually…for being one of the few responsible for making me re-think my attitude towards men. Will call you tomorrow for that long-promised ‘add you-chat’ call.

  4. It happens to guys too – at least it did to me.

    I hated the attachment and the dedication needed for such a relationship, until a 4 month old baby slept in my arms as I rocked him in my arms and sang a lullaby. He searched for my paunch to hold it (thinking I was the mom) as he went to sleep.

    Who ever said guys don’t have emotions – I was too overwhelmed to even think of sex!

    Time to be a parent I guess. Efects of graying hair.