I run with my words
Racing my thoughts
Getting ahead of my emotions
Because I’m scared you’ll turn away before I’m done

But then I pause
To catch my breath
And realise you’re still listening
And also that I’ve forgotten what I was saying

Then you hold me close
In a way I’ve never known
But, which makes me forget
How life was before it began

When, at length,
We move apart,
You look just as you always do
Gruff and gentle

You consider my frantic
“What? What? What?”s
And tell me I have a lot of fears, many I need not,
And then you hug me again

I giggle and thank you
When you ask, “For what?”
I reply, “For being the man in gentleman”
“Also the gentle in gentleman”, I add afterthought

You feel like home. You feel like mine. My very own. Home.


  1. I might look here
    And I might look there
    But for even a moment
    Dare you not think that I wasn’t there.

    It’s the game of hide and seek
    And you might wonder
    Is he there? Or is he gone?
    And if yes. Oh. But where?

    What? What? What?
    I hear you say
    But. But. But.
    I stammer away with no words to say.

    Wipe your mind off every fear
    It wasn’t you that was gone
    Scare away that tiny tear
    Pssst. I wanna say, Home is back.

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