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  1. I left the city more than two years back and miss it every single day! 🙁 Relived all my good times and crazy ones (got on to a Virar Fast when I had to get off at Andheri… CRIMINAL!) through this post. I will keep coming back to your blog!

  2. wow! that’s really very elaborate. there’s so much abt mumbai local trains, we just can’t write enough. i have an entire blog dedicated to local trains!

  3. @ Raj: It sure is! All the very best on your maiden voyage, though, and I hope the experience is…umm…interesting!

    @ GDS: Welcome to the Idea-smithy then!And yes, I guess once you learn to cope with the grind, you can pick up the pace pretty quickly here.

    @ Isk: 😀 I ought to have included that!

  4. Do not get into a “Virar” Fast Local if you want to get off at Bombay Central / Dadar / Andheri ! The regular travellers wont let you get off…

  5. Great post..just stumbled on your blog!! I spent 9 months living in a true blue Madrasi girl..came to Mumbai and found a place in Vashi(wasn’t exactly getting anything in Colaba) and my workplace was in Nariman Point! I was completely written off by the hard core Bombayites who were very sure I wouldnt be able to cope..but yeah I did..and pretty well!! So I guess I have that perverse fascination and liking to the Mumbai locals!!
    Will be back for more stuff on your blog!!

  6. Next week I would make my first trip to Mumbai. Those overcrowded trains have intimidated me even on TV and your post kinda scared me. I will still travel in the local train at least once . Its part of the Mumbai experience after all, isn’t it? 🙂

  7. @ tgfi: 😀

    @ Surinder: And also drop me a note the next time you’re in town. It really is good to hear from you after all these years!

    @ rishi: Mucho gracias. I was glad to be of help.

  8. everytime i come to mumbai, i think of going for a ride on the great local trains that i’ve always heard of .. but everytime i tell my mumbai colleagues about this, everybody give me only one suggestion .. “stay away dude” !!!

    and now reading this .. i can imagine why they say so 🙂

    but i think i’ll take my chances next time i’m there !!

    btw .. nice change to the new domain .. congratulations

  9. Great post for the newbie to mumbai trains, who otherwise had to learn only by experience. Btw, you should mention that it is important to know which side to get off as you near a station, especially if you are new to the route.