Friends Are For Telling Secrets To

I am there if you ever need to talk. And remember, I can keep a secret!

She smiled a warm goodbye thinking,

Yes, I would trust you if I had a secret
In fact I almost wish I had one right now,
Just so I could share it with you

What an appropriate welcome gift!

4 thoughts on “Friends Are For Telling Secrets To

  1. There are times when you search the world over for true friends when in reality they are right beside you….

    Friends share a lifetime,not only secrets…you just have to brush by against the right ones and ignore the wrong….hopefully you did accept the gift…:)

  2. @ Shreyasi: Like all other relationships, a matter of chance. But think of the true ones and ask yourself, “Wasn’t each one of the them worth braving the rest of the disappointments for?”

    @ Melody: Thenk yew…all in aid of some simplicity now. Have been tied up in work all week so in awhile, theek?

    @ no one, the wiser: Sometimes you have to meet the wrong ones to understand just how ‘right’ the right ones were. And that realisation is always a gift.

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