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  1. @ Shreyasi: Like all other relationships, a matter of chance. But think of the true ones and ask yourself, “Wasn’t each one of the them worth braving the rest of the disappointments for?”

    @ Melody: Thenk yew…all in aid of some simplicity now. Have been tied up in work all week so in awhile, theek?

    @ no one, the wiser: Sometimes you have to meet the wrong ones to understand just how ‘right’ the right ones were. And that realisation is always a gift.

  2. There are times when you search the world over for true friends when in reality they are right beside you….

    Friends share a lifetime,not only secrets…you just have to brush by against the right ones and ignore the wrong….hopefully you did accept the gift…:)

  3. Wow…what a warm invitation, I wish 🙂
    Also provided one knows the true ones and is not let down by friends…