L'Heure du silence (1897) by Henri

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  1. I will not say much. because anything said for or against will be labelled . But i fear you are losing a lot of acquaintances because agreeing to disagree is difficult. I may be wrong but i see it a lot on your twitter over the past few years. We can be happy in our own shell. But i have always seen you with a huge friends circle over the years and they have been getting smaller. But whatever you decide .. will still come here to read your outspoken views and thoughts even though i disagree with them a lot. But it is refreshing to hear a contrarian perspectives.
    “men i trust – show me how – lyrics”

    1. Hi “Paul” (which we both know is not your real name),

      I am only allowing your poisonous comment to go through so you know I am talking to you. Your actions & words, including this comment, are poisonous and constitute harassment. You are no friend of mine and I do not permit you any kind of association with me. Do not contact me again here or anywhere else, even through fake ids like this one. If you do, I will report you to the authorities.