Watched a re-run of my old favorite show Ally McBeal. On this episode Ally’s firm defends a man who has slapped another man for daring to insult his date. Let’s start again. The situation was as follows: Man 1 and Woman go to a party together and get to kissing. Man 2 turns up and glares at Woman who incidently is the ex-girlfriend he broke up with two days earlier. Then Man 2 proceeds to insult Woman, call her a slut and ask her how many men she expects to do that night. Whereupon Man 1 lunges out with full-blown punch to the nose and lands Man 2 to floor.

As with all cases on this show, this one was also discussed from the perspective of a woman…or rather the very hormone-laden, sexuality/gender stereotype et al point of view. What do I think? What would I do?

I’ve been in my share of difficult situations, dealt with obnoxious people, though to be fair more of these have been women than men. Men are generally easier to handle in such situations. For whatever reason men don’t like confrontation as much…at least not the men I know and/or at least not with me. They appear to back down the minute I show a bit of aggression. Then again, I’ve always been a ‘stand up for yourself’ sort of gal.

On the other hand, if I was with a man, would I behave the same way? I would. Somehow I’ve got it ingrained in me that no one is ever really going to stand up for me so it falls to my lot to wage my own wars. I did, however at some point of time, entertain the notion that a man would take care of me – protect me so to speak.

I hate to admit it but I would still appreciate it if the man I was with, took a stand and threw a punch. Oh, I know that is dreadful, totally archaic and so not the right thing to say. But let’s face it. We really are primates. My instincts are no less primitive than those of my male counterparts. I also come from centuries of conditioning that says that as a female I can and must expect to be protected and saved from the more brutal aspects of life like confrontation and warfare.

There is a reason women like tall men, muscular men, broad-set men. It is the very same reason that men are drawn to ample bosoms and broad hips. Both images signify ‘good partner’. The man to protect, to fight and defend. The woman to nurture and care.


Well, what the hell. The soft body of a woman is now encased in a steel armour, literally and figuratively. I sure can fight my own battles. Doesn’t stop my primitive mind from remembering the good old days of Oog and Ugg though. πŸ™‚

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  1. I have nothing to say about the post except that I agree. But what’s with the yahoo avatar on the right? Jane (As in Tarzan’s jane) with a tiger? LoL!

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