Featured in DNA, 27May2012: Mumbai does not welcome you

Mumbai’s victimisation of South Indians happened a little before my time. But I remember life in the city before and after the Babri Masjid incident. My city, my beloved home has gone from an all-welcoming abode to a place that hates Muslims as much as the rest of the propagandized world. The anti North-Indian is relatively newer. Adulthood and living away from home brought me the knowledge of how much Mumbai resents singletons. And no one who grew up in the 90s is likely to forget the anti-Valentine’s Day moral brigade.

I live with the the shrinking tolerance in my city. Everyday my pride in the city I call home, diminishes with every statement I hear like,

“Muslims are not allowed in this building.”

“I don’t rent to bachelors.”

“We will not condone any cheap behaviour which demeans our Indian values.”

I wrote a post titled ‘The city of Mumbai does NOT welcome you‘. As on a previous occasion, I didn’t expect anyone to read, comment or commiserate. My memories of Mumbai are my own after all. But perhaps it struck a chord somewhere. DNA featured an excerpt from my post yesterday.

I began a Twitter conversation tagged #UnwelcomeMumbai asking if anyone felt welcome in Mumbai. At least everyone doesn’t agree with me. Here are some responses:

@swatkat7: I politely disagree.. I’ve lived all across Europe and β€ͺ#Mumbai‬ is one of the friendliest cities to live in..

@NomadWanderer: oh! I’m a north Indian , have lived here when single etc etc Bombay makes u feel everything good is possible

@anaggh: yup. Just like a lot of people. But will continue staying here.

One thought on “Featured in DNA, 27May2012: Mumbai does not welcome you

  1. Congrats on getting published!! I’ll have to disagree.. Bombayites ARE welcoming πŸ™‚ And very very friendly (take you and me for instance!).. A lot of my friends from other cities feel the same way too.

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