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  1. Wow, I can completely relate to this post! What’s worse is when the other Eve happens to be your best friend.
    Wonderful write!

  2. @ DC: I’ve thought of it. Then I concluded that its possible but not probable.

    @ Menagerie: I enjoyed meeting you too! It would have been good to talk a bit more. And I’m glad you are posting. Please put up your thoughts on the matter and I’ll definitely be one of your readers!

  3. You have no idea how much I can relate to this post, both as eve and the other eve! It’s spooky you wrote it! And with a title like that, you think I could borrow it for a post of my own, if I ever got around posting again?

    Btw, Was good to meet you babe!

  4. do you realise that while you may think of yourself as the ordinary woman, to a certain someone you might be the one special woman? and you might not even know that you are thought of this way..

  5. @ ratz: Because she keeps falling over and over again for the kind of man who is chasing the ‘special one’. And love is never anything more than a ‘falling’ for her….she falls lower and lower in her own eyes each time.