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  1. Some lessons are too hard to learn – this one definitely is 🙁
    Sometimes you just can’t stop delving deep because at times, it’s the only thing we do well

  2. And then there are some others who know that peril is the key. The very thought of being in danger yet knowing that if need be, one can make it out alive may lead to the plunge. But what one must always remember is that unless someone helps oneself, no angel on earth or in heaven can help him/her.

  3. It’s really hard to get that close to a person’s dreams and not want to make them come true for them.

    Who knows then, whether there is really anyone else who will delve into you as deeply as you have into others?

    Amen. Adding, who knows, whether you will dare to delve into someone else again, ever.

  4. There are people who would want to follow you into the murky depths of other people’s lives to save you

    Love may be a good thing but too much of it can destroy you but now “us”.That is the difference when it is love and there is “us” it works smoothly but when there is a “me” and there is a “you” i agree it can …

    There aren’t any knights in shining armor agreed “but” there are people would be would willing to follow you into the murky depths of other people’s lives to save you.But do you want them to follow you there?layers of distrust and city life makes us no let anyone beyond the second layer(though again when there is love those shield are brought down).

    I am happy your posts seems to have a lot of retrospection.