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  1. “she cut that thought to shreds. But stored away the thought in her mind if she ever needed it”
    Well so many of us do this right, I always had this on back of my mind, but never put it across as neat as this.
    well I dont think there was anything wrong in whatever “she” did

  2. @ Ashish: With some people, you don’t think too much, just live the moment. That is probably the ideal way to live every moment, only with some people it is effortless.

    @ Menagerie: That’s if the line is crossed. But the hint of danger is what makes the line so exciting. Sort of like the risk of falling off is what makes walking the tightrope so appealing.

    @ Anon: You never are.

    @ Fullmoononearth: :-)I love your name. And oh…this is whacky but your comment made me think of the ‘Tamarind shirts’ ad!

  3. This is as if I could have written it, except you wrote it so very eloquently!

    I agree with Ashish also, someone usually is at the receiving end when the line is crossed, and it really sucks!

  4. nothing lasts forever even cold November rain….some things are flexible bur more of perception oriented, perception of those two people, which makes hell lot of difference! & finally after the dotted line is crossed, someone has to be at the receiving end