Director Of Office Relocation

I’ve written about my uprooted office spaces. I knew that would be temporary so I didn’t put down roots.

This Monday morning opened with the official announcement that we were moving offices. Not the months-in-planning location across the city; unaccounted for delays have cropped up. But in the meantime our, our current lease is nearing end so we’re having to move to a temporary location. That’s spelt – wrap up and vacate… 3 days!!!

And guess who’s in charge of directing the move? Yes, I crib and I wail but secretly I love the feeling of being in charge of something big. While I’m striding around purposefuly, pen tucked into my hair (a throwback to my college days), drawing up list and checking them off, inside my mind, I’m hollering..

Lights! Camera! Aaaanddd…..ACTION!!!

And the director takes a bow. Moving is a big production of course. It is all the nitty-gritty niggling details of logistics. It’s the drama and excitement of a new location, brand-new furniture and freshly-painted rooms. It’s the savage marketplace skills of bargaining with carton-makers, packers, lifters, drivers, cleaners. It’s the uncertainty of a new travel plan and the weeks-to-get-used-to new address on forms and for phone directions. It’s the fear of leaving something behind. (And the merciful reprieve of lists!).

And then the one thought that accompanies all Goodbyes. Some things can’t be shut down, dismantled, catalogued, packed or moved out. A piece of you always stays behind.

There’s even a soundtrack in my mental drama production and it’s playing

She’s leaving home after living alone for so many years.

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