Raining Me

I am open walking wounds. I’m awash in the pain of those who hurt me. Because to bleed is to also stain & to infect.

But you know, it hurts much more to fester alone, to bear wounds silently, to hide sores in pretence. In the feeling will there be healing.

These too, will pass. And on the other side of the rain, you & I will be a different I & you. Come, hold my voice in the darkness, carry my tears as I collect your blood clots. There is a place for boundaries & a time for fusion & a place for dissolution & room for disillusionment.

I will no more take from the world, I resolve. People learn to only throw out things they have poisoned, emotions that scare them, projections that have grown larger than them. I don’t know how to hold something or someone at arm’s length & still not have them flow into my very bloodstream.

But the rain, the assaulting rain will wash away my pain. If only I can stand in it alone, I can be allowed to dissolve without the solid clinging shackles of everyone else. The rain turns me into nothingness, into itself. And I’m flowing, evaporating only me, all else left behind. Maybe, let me just be one with the rain.

#Ideart – Face painting themed “Monsoon Mood”

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