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  1. I used to love the Nancy drew series as long as I was in School. Fatty was in the Mystery series (my guess) by Enid Blyton.

  2. Saala u stole the name of my blog in ur post 😉 I shud go and get a copyright on it now 🙂 Needless to say, awesome post. I’ve wasted an entire morning reading ur blogs!! 🙂

  3. Hey IdeaSmith, Fatty belonged to what book? Five-Findouters doesn’t sound familiar. I remember reading books with Fatty in it though, just don’t remember the series.

    People make fun of the chubby girl/guy, And the chubby character makes a come-back by solving the case, hence.

    Hmmm, btw…Chet in Hardy Boys, and Bess (I am not sure about her name) in Nancy Drew series, both stocky , were characterized to be ‘not the intelligent ones’.

  4. I remember reading one of those too. But the three investigators were my hot favorites…and the five-findouters before that (Ah…there was the irrepressible Fatty too!)

    Any ideas on how chubbiness/stockiness came to be associated with smartness?

  5. how can i not remember jupiter and the junkyard and their fone trees- i still use that technique when i need to make calls for my nonprofit!
    and brad- ya, i enjoyed the bobssey twins- nan & ned, Flossie & freddy- dark haired & blond haired pairs.after coming here to the Us of A, realised that they may have existed in the 50s!!!

  6. Those blog comment spammers are all over the place. Unfortunately, the spammer signs up for a blogger account manually, but the rest of the commenting procedure gets done via s/w programs 🙁 So that sincere request of yours is unfortunately not gonna be seen by any of those spammers.

    I remember reading The Three Investigators in 4th-5th-6th grade; that series was much better than any of the Famous Five, Super Seven and the likes.

    Does anybody reading Bobssey Twins series?

  7. Wonderful…all my dreams come true after all! If the teenaged Jupiter Jones had had a girlfriend, she’d have been like me. The grown up (and grown-old) one I’m not so sure of though….intelligent boys seem to grow up into cranky old men!

    Apoorva: I remember seeing your email address and wondering I’d encountered another 3 investigators fan! Seemed like too much of a coincidence though…I didn’t know anyone else who reads the series. I have a collection now.

  8. Ahhh… baby fatso. I love baby fatso. The good ole days of reading The Investigators n all… u wont find a bigger fan of JJ. Geez… my hotmail ID reflects his pet name and I have mailed out resumes from it!

  9. Honestly….after email spammers we have blog spammers. Whoever left those comments, if you’re reading this, kindly refrain from promoting your sites through my blog.