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  1. Nopes, nothing racist! He’s a Bihari, and that’s the way he pronounces. Yep, poor fellow gets into trouble, but it tickles my lavatorial sense of humor. What can I say!

  2. That ‘hey-loo’ reminds me of- My Gujarati or Bihari friend gets out of his car and stops a nice, plump, Catholic woman who was returning from church. Our man was hunting around for a good beach, so he says, “Hey-looooo, Wear ken-we fynd sum bitches?”

    Needless to say, the woman was all wide-eyed at our simpleton’s apparently frank question!

  3. idea: this was your last chance to NOT taste food at APP and you lost that too… you are also pleading him to serve food… what has happened to you? i mean isnt PPP enough or what?

  4. Nahin!!!!!!!! Mere saath yeh anyay mat karo! Mai haath jodti hoon, aapke pair padti hoon….mai nirdosh hoon!!!!!! Ab un salmon kababs ke alava zindagi mein koi khwaish nahin hai….

  5. We-ll…rumpy, ur the one who hinted that Piggy may have taken lessons from…umm..people we know. Am waiting to c if salmon kebabs are on the menu next week. I’m sure they’ll look nothing like the photograph I saw tho’….Piggy has a unique talent for villifying food. (a la Ramsay brothers style)

  6. idea: so do you mean to say you have internet connection in the piggy poison plaza… and you hit on guys who “claim” that they can cook… and i too dont believe it… a cut finger doesnt prove anything… does it?

  7. Oh it is, Iyer. When things keep getting worse and worse, your sense of humour is the only thing left to salvage you. And of course in my case…hitting on guys who can cook (or at least claim they can!)